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Spanish Classes



Spanish I



This year in Spanish I we will cover the following topics:


  • Preliminares- Greetings, good bye, simple courtesies, days, months, seasons, and numbers
  • Un Amigo o una Amiga- describing people and things, definite articles, singular adjectives, verb “to be” (singular subject), and vowels a, o, and u.
  • Alumnos y Cursos-verb “to be” (plural subject), nationalities, describing people and things, school vocabulary, telling time, vowels e and i.
  • Las Compras para la Escuela- identify and describe school supplies and clothing, conjugate singular “ar” verbs, formal and informal ”you”, consonants l, f, p ,m, and n.
  • En la Escuela- talk about school and school activities, ask how people feel, describe where you and others are, irregular verbs ir, dar, and estar, contractions al and del, consonant t.
  • En el Café- identify, shop for and order food, talk about activities, conjugate “er” and “ir” verbs, consonant d.
  • La Familia y su Casa- describe your home and family, telling ages, learn to say what you are going to do and have to do, possessives, consonants b and v.
  • Deportes de Equipo- team sports, physical activities, people’s activities, “to interest”, “to bore” and “to like”, stem changing (e-ie,o-ue), consonants s, c, and z.
  • La Salud y el Médico- illnesses, feelings, where people are and where they are from, what happens to you or someone else, verb “to be” temporary and permanent, consonant c.
  • El Verano y el Invierno- describe summer and winter weather, activities and sports, past tense of “to go” and “to be”, past tense of “ar” verbs, pronouns lo, la, los, and las, consonant g.
  • Diversiones Culturales- discuss movies, museum, theater, and cultural events, past tense of “er” and “ir” verbs, complements le and les, consonants j and g.
  • Un Viaje en Avion- discuss airplanes and airports, tell what you and others are currently doing and what and whom you know, verbs hacer, poner, traer and salir, consonant r.
  •  Una Gira- personal grooming habits, daily routine, reflexive verbs, pronunciation h, ll and y.
  • Un Viaye an Tren- train travel, past events and activities. Verbs hacer, querer and venir, consonants ñ and ch.
  • En el Restaurante- order food, identify utensils, reservations, stem changing verbs e-i (present tense), e-i and o-u (past tense), consonant x.


We will also read selections in Spanish from our textbook and from some elementary level readers. The learning will be augmented and enhanced with cultural food, worksheets, class discussion, art projects, videos and music. Class progress will be assessed with exams. The major objective is to have students familiar with the language, carry on a general conversation, and develop an appreciation for different cultures and customs.


A student project will be required during the month of October. The topics will be assigned by the end of September.

A notebook (3 ring binder) is required for this class. All class work, homework, experiments, tests, and other handouts will be arranged in chronological order by chapter. The Class Syllabus, Classroom Rules, Discipline Plan, a blank Behavior Improvement Form, and Format for Extra Credit Reports will be placed at the beginning of the notebook in the order listed. Notebooks will be collected for a grade on the following dates:

Sep 12 ‘13 Jan 30 ‘14

Oct 17 ‘13 Mar 6 ‘14

Nov 14 ‘13 Apr 17 ‘14

Dec 12 ‘13 May 13 ‘14

Twice during the year (once per semester) students will be given the opportunity to earn extra credit by making a presentation consisting of an essay with cover page, bibliography and outline, oral presentation and visual presentation. Each of the three sections will receive a test grade which will be averaged into the test average. These grades will only be averaged in if they help raise the semester average. A good grade should raise the average because the test average is weighted as 50% of the semester grade.

Extra credit presentations will be scheduled during the weeks of December 9-13 and May 5-9.


A-(100-90)                                                                 Exams-50%

B-(89-80)                                                                   Quizzes-10%

C-(79-70)                                                                   Class/Home Work-15 %

D-(69-60)                                                                   Notebook-10%

F-(59 & below)                                                         Preparation- 5%

                                                                                 Semester Test- 10%


#2 pencils or mechanical pencils (minimum of two)

Extra erasers

Ink pens (blue or black ink only)

Lined paper, three holed, loose leaf or spiral bound

Three ring binder, 1 ½ inches thick