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General Information

This section includes CLASSROOM PROCEDURES and DISCIPLINE PLAN for all of my classes 



FOR Mrs Dissinger’s Classes


1.         Please enter the classroom quietly, in an orderly manner, and on time.

2.         Please stay in your assigned seat unless I move you.

3.         Please raise your hand and sit quietly to ask/answer a question, to comment, or to ask permission to leave your desk. Do not blurt out answers or questions.

4.         Please come to class prepared. (pencils, paper, books, class notebooks, folder, assignments, etc.)

5.         The only items on your desktop are pens/pencils, class notebooks, textbook, applicable workbooks and any other items necessary for the lesson. All other items are to be stored under your desk. *Important- any phones, pagers, earphones, music players, electronic devices or hats evident in the classroom will be picked up and turned in to the principal’s office.

6.         All assignment papers require the following information on the top LEFT corner of the first page:

            Student’s Last Name, First Name

            Class Name/Teacher

            Complete Assignment Title

            Due Date

7.         Any continuation pages of the same assignment require the following information on the top LEFT corner of the page:

            Student’s last name, first name

            Complete Assignment Title (pg. # cont.)

8.         Papers not following the above format will receive an automatic 20 point deduction. Following directions is an important skill.

9.         Anyone caught cheating on an assignment/test will receive a “0”. Anyone  allowing someone else to use their homework/test will also be deemed as cheating and receive a “0”.

10.       If you miss an assignment or test due to an absence, it is your responsibility to arrange a time to make up this work. Please discuss this with me before or after school, during my planning period or between classes. I follow the guidelines in the student handbook. Note-**If the absence is due to a previously scheduled school activity it is your responsibility to notify me in advance of your absence to allow enough time to prepare worksheets and other handouts. I prefer a two day notice. Any long term assignments with due dates during your school activity absence are due before you leave.** Assignments due during an unexcused absence and/or not turned in on time will receive a “0” unless you have made prior arrangements with me. I will not accept late work.       

11.       Please turn in homework at the beginning of class. Any work turned in on time  that is illegible or difficult to read will be returned for a “redo” and receive an automatic 20 point deduction. I must be able to read your work.

12.       Please maintain your desk and work area neat and clean.

13.       When you receive your textbook you will sign a receipt for it and check for any type of damage. List all damages on your receipt. If your book has any damages  not listed on your sign out receipt, you will be responsible for those damages when you turn in your book.

14.       Please take care of your bathroom/water breaks between classes. Classes are only 50 minutes long. Emergencies are the exception, however if you have more than two emergencies, the administration and your parents/guardians will be notified to discuss the reasons for the “excessive” emergencies.

15.       Please do not bring anything to eat, chew, or drink into the classroom. Students coming in from PE will be allowed to go to the water fountain for a drink during class.


For Mrs. Dissinger’s Classes



I believe all of you can learn and I expect the very best academically. Working together we can achieve and surpass all educational standards set forth and gain skills to help us succeed later in life.

I also believe distractions are a major cause of failure in the classroom. They destroy the learning environment, violate the rights of students who want to learn and will not be tolerated. I consider the items listed on pages 21-28 and 30-31 of the student handbook as distractions.

The following plan is in place for all classes:

            -Most first time distractions will receive a verbal warning noted by the teacher.

            -Second distractions will result in a behavior improvement form completed by the student and turned in to the teacher.

            -Third distractions will result in a school disciplinary form and a trip to the office/principal.

Certain distractions such as, but not limited to, fighting, belligerent behavior, harassment, swearing, dress code violations and possession of banned substances will result in an immediate trip to the office/principal.

Working together you can succeed and help not only yourself, but your community and your nation as well.


Thank you for your cooperation,


Alba A. Dissinger