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Lesson Plan

My lesson plan is complex and yet simple, depending upon how you look at it.  I teach Technology Engineering for the th, th, and th grades.  Technology Engineering is a multi-year study of problem solving using a lab type of setting.  The program uses a hands-on approach to learning where the student will be pushed to complete their assignments correctly and on time.  Although the student is pushed, they only proceed at their best pace.  This program is a lab class  and the student should strive to attend every day as some of the labs can not be repeated the same as if the student were there.

Students will complete modules either by their selves, in small groups, or in large groups.  Students will use different types of machines and tools in each module.  Some of the machines range from the PC computer, to CNC machines, power hand tools, and non powered tools.  They will learn the safety of the lab and the internet, as most of the modules require them to work in the lab and on the internet.  Most of the modules will last from 8 to 45 days depending upon what the student is assigned.

As of 11-01-12 the Technology Engineering program became a part of STEM in the State of Oklahoma.  We will add other new program to the Indiahoma Tech. Eng. program as they are developed.

In May 2017 we added the newest program to our school it is called STEM101.  STEM101 will give the student the chance to explore more areas of technology and will serve the 6th grade through the 10th  grade.  We will continue to use all of the other programs such as, Engineering By Design and Engineering for All.  The students will learn how to design and develop a product or solve a problem using science, technology, engineering, and  math.  This program is a National Standards-Based Solution for the delivery and implementation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is offered by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association STEM Center for Technology and Learning in partners with the Oklahoma Department of Career Tech.

Putting individual lesson plans on the web page would take more pages than are allowed to one subject and would require me to spend all my time changing the web page.  An example of this would be like the following:

If each module required a lesson plan and I had 20 students in the class that could equal 20 different lesson plans.  If I had 6 classes of 20 students then I could have 120 multi page lesson plans.  I would be spending my time writing lesson plans and not teaching.

In the first year the student will be given numerous tasks to complete from life's career choices.  They will learn different ways to solve the problems that life hands them.  We start the year off with Robotics and proceed through as many of the 48 modules as the students can complete.

In the second and third year the program is similar to the first in that depth of exploration will increase and the number of modules decrease.

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