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Parent Feedback

  1. Survey Form
  1. Best Way to communicate to parents:
  1. Email
  2. Phone calls
  3. Letters sent home
  1. Least favorite way to communicate
  1. Assignment notebooks
  1. 43% stated They would like the school to :
  1. Ask parents about their child
  2. Ask parents to volunteer  at school
  3. Include parent decision making in school
  4. Include parent participation in developing plans for the school


  1. Parent meeting Goals
  1. Parents would like to see the number of programs grow ( Fine arts, music,Athletics)
  2. Parents would like to see more assistance with things that are expensive ( graduation announcements, athletic supplies)
  3. Parents stated there was a participation discrepancy in Vo-Ag because of the cost- How can we make it possible for more of our Native American students to participate.
  4. Parents would like to add more meetings to guide the Title VI process next year
  5. Parents would like to see more cultural activities- Language acquisition, Tipi Building, Pow-wow/dance/ drumming, Crafts, beadwork, making ribbon skirts
  6. Parents would like to see the Green house used more for learning especially in elementary,
  7. Parents would like to see more trips for learning about Native American culture