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This Month's Happenings


This Month’s Happenings

Happy November!  I apologize for updating this page a month’s “silly season”!  October was busy!  We collected items for our Mystery Box for the carnival and sold raffle tickets like crazy!   Thank you to all who supported our class!  We rasied enough money to take a trip to the Great Plains Museum this spring.

The kids continue to make progress with thier reading skills and counting skills.  This month we have learned to count pennies and soon we will learn to tell time!  Keep practicing reading our sight makes a difference!

Novemberr will be busy getting ready to celebrate our Veterans and our Grandparents.  If you hve not made plans to come, please do!  All the kids work really hard to learn songs and poems to show their appreciation for the Veterans and thier grandparents, plus, there is a great lunch being served that day!

We visited Jahn’s Pumpkin Hill last week and had a great time, even though is was very cold!  Visit the photo album page to see a couple of pictures...( I hope...I”m not very tech saavy!)

Mrs. Imel