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Mr. Wood

Well folks what can I say,  we are moving into a new history by living through this time of world scare. ‚Äč

You are going to be put to the test of how well you can solve problems. 

Always remember...

We will make it hands down!


I am saddened that this time of trouble chose now to spring on us. It will and has made my last days of teaching very sad.  I had had the great vision that my last semester teaching was going to be fun and I would be able to take with me lots of great moments.  Things don't always work out the way we wish.

After 27 years of teaching I have to throw in the towel, ( or towelettes), and retire.  It is my eternal wish that all my kids continue to do well for life.  I will be looking in from time to time to check up on everyone who  I have taught and have taught with.

If I don't get to see you in person I will see you in my heart,  even as hard as it is.

Remember "I like kids ... baked, fried, boiled, or slow roasted with garlic the best."

Mr. Stewart Wood

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comment posted by Johan Tholome on 08-30-2010
YES i do, your beard seems longer since i left... But all the rest lloks like i remeber it
comment posted by blake "powder" barnett on 03-02-2010
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