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Warriors Basketball

Basketball Schedule 2019-2020


Nov 1st                        Olustee                        JH/HS                         Home

Nov 4th                       Life Christian               JH/HS                         Home

Nov 8th                       Navajo                         JH/HS                         Away

Nov 12th                     Duke                           JH/HS                         Home

Nov 15th                     Cement                       JH/HS                         Away

Nov 19th                     Big Pasture                 JH/HS                         Home

Nov 22nd                    Sterling                        HS only                       Home

Nov 26th                     Chattanooga               JH/HS                         Home

Dec 2, 5, and 7th, 2019 Caddo-Comanche Junior High Basketball Tournament

                                      At Fletcher and Sterling   

Dec 9th                       Sayre                          HS only                       Away

Dec 12-14                               Chattanooga Tournament

Dec 16th                     Blair                             JH/HS                         Away

Jan 7th                        Olustee                        JH/HS                         Away

Jan 9th-11th                            Frazier Bank Tournament               Altus

Jan 13th                      Sterling                        JH                               Away

Jan 17th                      Chattanooga               JH/HS                         Away

Jan 20-25                                County Tournament

Jan 27th                      Life Christian               JH/HS                         Away

Jan 31th                      Cement                       JH/HS                         Home

Feb 4th                        Fletcher                       JH/HS                         Away


JH begins at 4:30

HS begins at 6:30

Jan 18 Vs Temple at Coliseum 6:30  

Navajo JH Tournament Nov 18, 21, 23d.






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